A Lesson Taught by a War Reporter, Alex Quade

Alex Quade, who is just placed into the University of Washington’s Department of Communication’s Alumni Hall of Fame, visited us yesterday and had us conduct an “interview” with her.

So, it wasn’t really an interview but each of us was given a reporter’s notebook. I didn’t ask a single question throughout the interview because I thought I wanted to listen more than anything. I was so afraid of missing anything she talked about. You will understand when there is such an successful person visiting your class. I’m sure you want to jot down everything he/she says.

“They(people whom we interview) are experts on their lives,” said Alex. “It’s your chance to learn from them.” This really impressed me since I’ve never thought this way. While I was interviewing people at the Racism Exhibit, all I wanted to do was to get things I needed for my blog post. But I’ve never really thought about learning from them, the experts of their own lives, humbly.

Besides, Alex said that because we’re having a conversation with people, we always “want people to feel comfortable” while talking to us. But how?  “The best thing is to be completely honest to people,” which is something that I’ve never done. I feel like whenever I am interviewing, I am too nervous to be honest. Therefore, most of the time I am “acting” like I am calm and asking them questions that are staged.

Although I’ve never thought about being a war reporter, the interviewing skills and experience she shared were really useful and inspiring. Thank you, Alex. You have definitely reminded me of what I’m doing, what my responsibilities are and how I can do it better.