A “Tiger Mom” Experiment

“A-? It’s just like a F! In our family everybody gets an A!”

So, I bet you think this is something that most Tiger Moms would say to their children. And yes, you’re right. I can’t even remember how many times my mum said it when I was younger.

The video above was part of the ABC show, What Would You Do? An Asian actress was asked to act as the mean Tiger Mom that scolded and yelled at her “daughter” in a restaurant, in which there were many non-Asians sitting around them.

I’m not surprised by their reaction, but I’m trying to picture what this whole thing would look like if it happened in a restaurant in China or other Asian countries. Needless to say, it would not even worth to be featured on a TV show because my mum has done something similar to me before and guess what? Nothing, literally nothing, happened.

As an Asian, I’m not feeling really proud of this Tiger Mom controversy yet I know that this is something real. I’ve been treated this way but I’m still alive today. Trust me, this won’t kill or even hurt anyone and in some cases, it’ll even help.

To be honest, if it was not my mum who made me get every A at school, I’m pretty sure I would have got all those Fs! But I know she didn’t do it for no reason. She did it because she knew from the first day that I was the kind of person who would stop if there was no one pushing me. She has never been a Tiger Mom for my younger brother because she knows that he and I are totally not the same. The Tiger Mom parenting style is just not going to work for my brother, as she and I know.

So, guess what my mum responded last week when I told her I didn’t get a satisfying grade in one of my class and felt like I’ve wasted her money?

“I see. But as long as you’ve learned something it’s good. You didn’t waste our money. Just try your best and I will be happy,” said my Tiger Mom.


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